Create a new Cloud9 IDE environment

1 . Within the AWS console, use the region drop list to select us-east-1 (N. Virginia). This will ensure the workshop script provisions the resources in this same region

2 . Navigate to the cloud9 console or just search for it under the AWS console services menu

3 . Click the Create environment button

4 . For the name use lumigo-workshop, then click Next step

5 . Select the default instance type t3.medium

6 . Leave all the other settings as default and click Next step followed by Create environment

This will take about 1-2 minutes to provision

Configure Cloud9 IDE environment

When the environment comes up, customize the environment by:

1 . Close the welcome page tab

2 . Close the lower work area tab

3 . Open a new terminal tab in the main work area.

4 . Hide the left-hand environment explorer by clicking on the left side environment tab.

If you don’t like this dark theme, you can change it from the View / Themes Cloud9 workspace menu.

Cloud9 requires third-party-cookies. You can whitelist the specific domains. Ad blockers, javascript disablers, and tracking blockers should be disabled for the cloud9 domain, or connecting to the workspace might be impacted.