Next Steps

I hope you have enjoyed these exercises and got a feel of how easy it can be to debug serverless applications with Lumigo.

There is a generous free tier where you can trace up to 150,000 Lambda invocations a month for free.

lumigo pricing

Which means you can pretty much trace your dev accounts for free, and maybe even your production accounts, until you have sufficient amount of traffic.

And if you apply the code Lumigo500, under Settings -> Plan -> I have a special code, then you can bump that free up to 500,000 traced invocations per a month!

lumigo account


What if I have more than 1 AWS account?

No problems. You can manage multiple accounts (we call them projects) with your Lumigo user, and you can quickly switch between different projects with the Project drop-down in the top right corner of the screen.


How do I control who has access to the Lumigo platform?

You can do that in the Team Management page. Basic role lets you view and query data in the Lumigo platform. Admin role lets you change configurations (e.g. alert configs).


For more information, please visit the Lumigo docs.


Besides the core Lumigo platform, we also have a number of popular open source tools you can use for free.

The most important of which is the lumigo-cli, a CLI tool that simplifies a lot of your daily serverless tasks, e.g.

  • powertuning a Lambda function to right-size its memory setting

  • analyze Lambda cold starts

  • analyze Lambda costs

  • replay SQS messages from a DLQ to SQS/SNS/Kinesis

  • tail events in SNS/SQS/Kinesis/DynamoDB/EventBridge

  • tail CloudWatch logs

  • switch between AWS CLI profiles