Setting up alerts

  • Go to the Alerts page, you can see that Lumigo has configured a couple of default alerts.

Default Alerts

By enabling auto-trace on our functions, they have been configured with these default alerts.

Default Alert Functions

By default, they’re configured to send you at most one alert per an hour. You can dial this up or down (up to as frequent as to alert you on Every Event).

  • Click on each of the alerts and change the Alert Frequency in the dialogue to Every Event. Don’t forget to click Save Alert when you’re done.

Alert Frequency

  • Let’s add another alert, click the Add Alert button on the top right. In the new dialogue, choose Alert Type as Error Ratio and set the percentage to 5%.

New Alert

Select the 5 functions we have.

New Alert Functions

Finally, choose how we want to be notified. If you follow the here link below…

Alert Channel

You will arrive at the Integrations page where you can integrate with other vendor software you might be using already.

Alert Channel

Finally, click Add Alert to finish the process.

  • Go back to the demo app, request a bunch of unicorns like you did earlier. You should see errors, and sure enough, a short while later you will receive an alert via the medium you configured:

Notification rules