Module 1: Deploying the Wild Rydes demo app

In this step of the workshop you will create and deploy the Wild Rydes demo app. The demo app lets you order rides from… unicorns!

The architecture for the demo app looks like this:

architecture diagram

There’s a user-facing API Gateway, and a single POST /ride endpoint (backed by the requestUnicorn Lambda function) to order a ride.

This requestUnicorn function would:

  1. Find available unicorns in the area, using an external API (Unicorn Stable API).

  2. Validate that the unicorn it found from step 1. is not occupied already by checking in the OccupiedUnicorns DynamoDB table.

  3. Publish details of the ride to the UnicornDispatched SNS topic.

These kick off a series of background processing tasks through both SNS and DynamoDB Streams.

We will use this demo app to demonstrate various problems you can run into in a production environment and how you can go about debugging them.