Sign up with Lumigo

To get started with Lumigo, take the following steps. A more detailed guide can be found at the Lumigo documentation.

  1. Head over to and sign up for an account

  2. Once you created your account, Lumigo will guide you through the integration. First, fill in some details.

Lumigo about you

  • Next, we will link Lumigo to our AWS account. To do so all that is required is to deploy its CloudFormation stack to your account. A more detailed walkthrough of this step can be found here

Lumigo connect AWS

  • You should land at the instrumentation step, which will let us choose functions to trace:

Lumigo auto instrumentation

You can also do this after the initial setup too. Just head over to the Functions page at any time, and you can auto-trace any function there:

Lumigo auto trace

Once you added tracing to the relevant Lambda functions, Lumigo will automatically start monitoring your application.

  • Order some unicorn rides, and let’s see what’s going on in Lumigo!