Troubleshoot timeouts (synchronous functions)

Let’s see how we can use Lumigo to troubleshoot timeouts for synchronous Lambda functions such as those handling API requests.

  • If you click on the timed out issue for the requestUnicorn function, it will take you to the function details page for the function and show you the invocations that timed out.

requestUnicorn timeouts

  • Click on one of the timed out transactions to see what happened in that transaction.

requestUnicorn timed out

  • From the function logs, you can see a message like 2020-10-20T11:40:37.402Z 3ea3b770-2986-4926-a0b3-2c6a045bfa20 INFO Finding unicorn for 42.34963749150315 , -71.05718295574066

and then 6 seconds later, the invocation timed out.

requestUnicorn timed out

  • Click on the Timeline tab and you will see that the request to never completed, hence the N/A. So this was the cause for the invocation timing out.

requestUnicorn timed out